June 2014

Corri McFadden’s Baby Shower

Originally published on SPLASH website
Corri McFadden has always known that designer Christian Siriano, her longtime friend, would be making the dress for her special day — but she didn’t plan on that day being her baby shower. “He was supposed to be making my wedding dress for [around] this time, but then I got pregnant, so it just kind of naturally went over to a baby shower dress,” says McFadden, who is expecting her first daughter, Zelda, with fiancé Spiro Tsaparas in mid July. To celebrate the couple’s growing family, friends and colleagues Bridget White and Monique Jones set out to throw McFadden, the founder of luxury consignment company eDrop-Off, an ultra-chic shower — and fill baby Zelda’s closet with pint-sized designer duds.

Glamorama pre party at Chez with Candace Jordan

Last week’s Glamorama pre party at Chez with Candace Jordan.

Filming 24/7 Chicago from NBC

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Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique Bridal Boot Camp

Originally published on Cheeky Chicago website by Erica Bethe Levine on June 11, 2014
There are a lot of really fun things about being engaged. I mean, a lot. The congratulations, the celebrating, the parties, the presents, the friendships, the unity…not least of all is the opportunity to get into the best shape of your life. This could mean physically and mentally. Mentally, we start to prepare for the combining of two different lives, two different families, the possibility of children and of buying a home. There’s a lot of mental preparation. Physically, you might want to lose a few pounds, tone up your arms, work on your tush, get your skin in flawless shape, lengthen your lashes…the list goes on and on.

Introducing: The Leah Chavie Makeup Line

Originally published on www.insideshopper.com/fashion on May 29,2014 at 7:06pm by Katie Schuppler
-After working as a makeup artist, being a rep for makeup brands and analyzing the different ingredients they used, Leah set out to create a product that was truly good for the skin and all natural.
-The minerals used in her products consist of natural pigments including titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxides, freeze dried vitamins A, E and D, and contains no talc, dyes or alcohol.
-Her line is great for people with allergies and sensitive skin. The products allow the skin to breathe normally and are a natural, cleaner alternative to drug store cosmetics.
Products include (but not limited to):
-Powders (have SPF)
-Lip liner
-Lip gloss
-Mineral Hydration Mist

Leah Chavie Launched Medical Grade Skincare Line

Chicago-based skincare guru Leah Chavie says she’s either tried or been exposed to every skincare line under the sun. A perfectionist, she finally decided to formulate her own line. “I wanted a collection that would protect the integrity of the skin as well as repair and restore,” she says. “I partnered with a dermatologist out of the University of Miami to create a simple, affordable and effective line. Leah Chavie Skincare is a scientifically derived, preventative and corrective treatment protocol line designed to ensure the best skin you can reveal.” Starting at just $28, there are 15 anti-aging products, 14 acne-treating items and four treatments for redness and rosacea. They’re gentle enough for everyday use, and some client favorites

include the Green Tea Antioxidant Serum, which soothes and calms acne-prone skin, as well as the Acai Moisturizing Mist, which helps skin rebound from the effects of stress. Products are available at Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique (2457 North Halsted) in Lincoln Park and online at  www.leahchavie.com/shop.




leah chavie
Chicago’s famous faces turn to Leah Chavie for the latest in skincare technology.



8 E Chestnut St, Third Floor, Chicago, IL Boutique: 773.327.7051

Email: info@LeahChavie.com

Fax: 773.327.7058


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