Chicago’s Best Facials: Banana Split Treatments, Ayuervedic Assessments, and More

Article originally published  Thursday, July 24, 2014, by Jenny Berg on Racked
When the seasons change (or, in Chicago, the hours), it’s a great time to get a facial. From treatments that moisturize the skin in the most luxurious way to a new service that takes less than hour to make skin look dewy and fresh, here are seven of Chicago’s hottest facials of the moment.
Where to Get a Facial in Chicago

Beloved among local taste-makers and socialites, Leah Chavie offers a Stem Cell facial that’s said to give skin a luminous glow. The treatment begins with a micro-needling of the face. Then pure stem cells are applied to help the body replace damaged skin cells with new, more youthful looking ones. The service typically costs $275, but Chavie will offer $100 off to anyone who mentions this Racked feature. [Photo: Courtesy of Leah Chavie]

Chicago’s 38 Essential Beauty Shops, Spas, and Salons

Chicago’s beauty scene as has many personalities as its neighborhoods. So when it came time to round up the city’s best salons, beauty stores, and spas, we needed your input. Thanks to your tips—and our own experience in salon chairs and makeup aisles—we’ve compiled a list that gives a little taste of Chicago’s beautiful variety.
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Leah Chavie Opens Unmarked Second Location for VIPs

Article originally posted by Racked on March 13th, 2013
Leah Chavie, the woman who brought DNA CryoStem Cell Therapy (Vampire Facials) to Lincoln Park has achieved success with her skincare boutique and just opened a second location directly across the street from the first. Leah says the new boutique was designed to be an ultra private oasis to cater to celebrity and VIP clients. In fact, the facility is so private that it remains unmarked by signage and the blinds remain closed. Leah is the only certified medical esthetician and laser technician to service clients out of the VIP boutique, giving 8 on-staff estheticians space to take on more clients at the original boutique.

Stay Looking Young As A Vampire With Help From… A Cow?

Read Original Article from Racked – Shopping and Style Intelligence posted on Friday, February 1st, 2013
DNA CryoStem Cell Therapy has arrived in Chicago. The latest and greatest treatment in combatting signs of age is being offered exclusively at Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique in Chicago. Ms. Chavie, a skincare guru (did you know she has been in the business since she was just 15?), invited Racked to her skincare boutique in Lincoln Park to experience the newest treatment that involves… organic bovine stem cells.

Yes, COW, stem cells.
DNA CryoStem Cell Therapy is a treatment to protect, correct and rejuvenate skin that has suffered photo damage and premature aging. It tones, firms and lifts the skin. Originating in the French Alps (the serum is actually overnighted from France) the serum is made of embryonic fluid rich in nutrients and stem cells extracted during the first trimester of a bovine’s pregnancy. The serum is applied to the face prompting skin cell renewal.
It sounds very sci-fi movie like and while the thought of applying bovine stem cells to the face may not sound appealing at first, rest assured that the treatment is quite relaxing and produces immediate results. In fact, word is that your favorite Hollywood vampires are getting this treatment twice a month.
Currently this treatment is only being offered in a handful of spas across the country. Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique is the only one currently offering it in Chicago.
And for you animal lovers: No cows are harmed in the process. – Victoria A. Olivares

Happy People, All Dressed in White Flex Their Philanthropy Muscle

Publication: Racked
The 2nd annual White Party went down recently at Underground in 100% support of One Hope United, whose mission it is to protect children and strengthen families through foster care, clinical services and early childhood development resources. The event raised over $6000 with about 270 guests.
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Ten Local Ladies Get Cheeky at Spiaggia

Publication: Racked
This Thursday at 6PM at Spiaggia, Cheeky Chicago will announce their picks for the top 10 Cheeky Chicks of 2012. Some of the women included are Kiran Advani, the brain behind city-sponsored fashion efforts, Leah Chavie, owner of Leah Chavie skincare boutique, Charity Gonzalez, founder of urbanfitclubs.com, Melissa Muoio, personal stylist and Ashley Zisook, owner of Sofia. If you’d like to attend, tickets can be purchased on Cheeky Chicago’s site or at the door.
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