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Chicago’s Glow Gurus

Publication: NBC
Master esthetician Leah Chavie goes to town to turn you into a tanned piece of art with her brand new airbrush machine. Step into a tent-like contraption while she personally sprays you from head to toe. For a complete experience (and to ensure the most gorgeous tan), the boutique also offers a service where you shower, exfoliate and get airbrushed all in one for the complete package.
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Manscaping Has its Advantages

Publication: NBC

Esthetician and owner of Le Crème Skincare Boutique, Leah Chavie, shares her brutally-honest thoughts and her worst nightmares on the controversial subject of “manscaping.

She says many women want their men to be manly, but hairy backs and unbrushed teeth is pushing it too far.

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Find Your Holiday Hotness

Publication: NBC
Silk peel: Your grimy skin is suddenly glowing with the Silk Peel, a facial which uses a wet abrasion to exfoliate while simultaneously infusing  topical solution specific for your skin. After an hour spent with skin guru Leah Chavie who performs the brilliant Silk Peel process, we felt like a new (glowing) person. And without redness. Celebrity-approved, we’re sure.
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Chicago’s famous faces turn to Leah Chavie for the latest in skincare technology.



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