LUXLYFE visits Leah Chavie Before Jetting Off

Original posted LUXLYFE April 5th, 2013
Hello cyber friends! Before I jetted off to Japan I spent a few days in Chicago frolicking around, seeing friends, eating delish food and celebrating my 3 year wedding anniversary (more on that coming soon!). In order to prep my skin for a fabulous few days in Chi-town I visited my favorite skin guru, Leah Chavie. I met Leah several years ago and every time I visit the windy city, I try and squeeze in a visit with her. When it comes to serious skin rejuvenation, Leah is my absolute go-to. She has over 20 years of experience  making people pretty and I put full faith in to her magical hands and awesome equipment.  What I particularly love about Leah is that she customizes each treatment based on what I need.  No matter what kind of condition my face is in when I walk through the door, it is always glowing, magical and radiant when I leave. #YES
Several of you know that when it comes to spa services and beauty in general, I am adventures. Minus injections, (I’ll let you know when that day comes!) I’m pretty open to anything from the exotic, (currently scouring Japan for a nightingale dropping facial)  to lasers, to live stem cells (aka cow fetuses) and in the name of beauty.
In the video below you will see Leah giving me a blend of Dermaplaning, Cutera Laser lovin and a Cryostem facial. Check it out.


leah chavie
Chicago’s famous faces turn to Leah Chavie for the latest in skincare technology.



8 E Chestnut St, Third Floor, Chicago, IL Boutique: 773.327.7051


Fax: 773.327.7058


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