Leah Chavie in the Running for Best of Chicago by CitySearch

Leah Chavie and her team are honored to be selected by CitySearch to be in the running for Best of Chicago! We hope you feel the same and we love your support!
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Here are what a few people have been saying on CitySearch:
Shari D:
‘As an Aesthetician myself I don’t trust many people to touch my skin. Leah and her team have given me treatments and techniques to really address my acne head on. By using 3 different kinds of lasers she was able to break apart old scar tissue, destroy bacteria, and really improve the texture! I think the V Peel is amazing and easily takes a full year of age of the face and neck and is worth every penny.’
Erica Bethe Levin:
‘There’s a reason every local celeb and media hotshot goes to Leah Chavie to get gorgeous. She is the best of the best and offers luxe treatments that no one else can even touch. You’ll walk out glowing, radiant and even a bit lighter (if you opt for her Thermojet treatment).’
Kimberly Peiffer:
‘Citysearch Editorial Review. Esthetician Leah Chavie is the kind of adorable, hands-on, bubbly person who merits a gold star. And with glowing skin like hers, it’s no wonder she has clients knocking down her door to be pampered. After years in the business, Chavie branched out on her own and opened Le Crème Skincare Boutique, a quiet little refuge in Lincoln Park. Step inside the Feng Shui space and suddenly it no longer feels like the city, rather, a soothing respite where one emerges with glowing skin and a renewed sense of self. Sit back in one of several rooms and let her go to work with her signature Silk Peel Dermalinfusion, laser hair removal, vein therapy and photo facials. Her spa is the only place one can get the Biologique Facial Remodeling (a.k.a. facial Pilates) from France.’
Help support us in the running for Best of Chicago here


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Chicago’s famous faces turn to Leah Chavie for the latest in skincare technology.



8 E Chestnut St, Third Floor, Chicago, IL Boutique: 773.327.7051


Fax: 773.327.7058


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